How many systems do you own?

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Paul Amyes
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Re: How many systems do you own?

I'm probably safe admitting this here as my wife will never read it.

35mm film slr using OM4 and OM40
35 mm rf based upon a Bessa R2
645 Pentax
Canon EOS5d and 550d
Olympus EP2
Panasonic LX5

I recently gave up on the large format stuff as processing was getting to be a problem.

I like the larger formats but my back doesn't. At the moment I'm very happy with the EP2 and LX5, but come autumn (it's summer here) landscape photography will start again and then it will probably be back to the 5d or 645 Pentax.

Mike D wrote:

Or maybe cams?

Just wondering if people have their Nikon/Canon main apsc/FF setup plus M43 as well. Anyone have the Nikon 1 system or are looking into also having the Fuji XPro system?

I have an X10 as my compact, X100, and M43rds at the moment. Looking at the XPro1 to be a 'Bigger' and higher IQ system and possibly a new olympus to use my M43rds glass with. But not sure if that's getting overkill to have two interchangeable lens systems. I'm guessing most of us on the forums are addicts to the hobby...
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