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Hi Steeve,

Will you be getting an LCD VF? I'd be curious which one you find works well for you. There is a lot of them out there, mostly pretty cheapo.


leopold wrote:

I'm still using my 3 years old K20D and some already want to replace their K-5 !!!

Sure i want to replace my K20D with something faster but it's still taking great photos. I will buy the K-01 because i will use it mainly for landscape and Macro photography, it will help me get photos of frogs that are hard to get with my K20D because it's not easy to see through the VF when taking shots from the ground... i know that the K-01 don't have a tilting screen but even then it will be easier to see than in my K20D VF.

With all the great news during the last week and probably more at the CP show, Pentax is on for a superb year!
Pentax forever

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