400mm 5.6L + 1.4X kenko DG questions

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Re: 400mm 5.6L + 1.4X kenko DG questions


Yes it is f/8 actually. Metering should work correctly, as it appears to the camera to be slightly darker, but the amount of light loss is constant for any aperture.

the effect is similar to using ND filter here. As the camera meters actual light that reachs the sensor there should be no problems.
The DOF and bokeh would be equivalent to 560 f/8 lens, not 560 f/5.6.

zalle wrote:


I own this combo and I have some questions about it.

For it to work properly, I need to tape 3 pins, and I get focusing.

It shows 5.6 as max aperture, but I guess this is the tape fooling the camera, and it is actually at F8.

My questions are:

Is the lens at 5.6 or at F8 in terms of Bokeh?

I terms of actual light metering it is at F8, right? Even if it shows 5.6. Does this mean I have to lower a stop, or can I rely on the camera's metering?

I'm using it on a 20D and a 7D.

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