X10: Small "Program shift" bug

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Re: X10: Small "Program shift" bug

When you write a letter of complaint to a large or small organisation you need to be clear in the first paragraph what you are are doing. ...I am complaining about XXX, I want you to do YYY.

What did you ask for in your online form of complaint? A better option would be to write a letter, forget the online route and address your letter to the CEO or Managing Director.

But be clear what you ask of them. Are you asking for a fix for everyone, for yourself, a replacement camera, a refund, more information? You can't ask for the moon, you can only ask what is reasonably expected of them.

If you want a replacement or refund them a better method would be your retailier. If it's information you are after then give them at least 30 days to answer, it's not that urgent or important to them. If it's a refund, replacement then give them a deadline or just go through your retaailer if it's in warranty.

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