Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

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Re: Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

Mike CH wrote:

William Porter wrote:

But what was Sony supposed to do?

How about just moving the lower items up by one to remove the gap? The position in the display is very likely rather decoupled from the actual functionality. (And if it isn't, then they likely have worse problems than this).


If it were me and I were the UI designer, I'd either leave the gap or fill it with an A77-only item, like GPS on/off. What I would NOT do is move all the items. At least that's not what I'd do without a good bit of thought. If people come to expect command K to be in the lower left corner, with command J right above it (one up from the bottom left) then I'd want to keep those commands in the same place on both cameras.

In my own UI work, if I have a bunch of buttons placed thus on one screern

A B C   D E F

and on another screen for some reason D isn't appropriate, I generally DO NOT move the other buttons to the left to remove a gap.

A B C   E F

Instead I leave the gap:

A B C      E F

I quite understand that a UI for a mouse-controlled computer or a touch-controlled iPad screen is a different thing from the UI for a little camera menu. I understand also that seeing buttons shift left and right as users move from one screen of a multi-screen app is much more disconcerting than dealing with a UI that's slightly different on one camera than on another. I have no experience with camera menu UI design or development so perhaps there is a well-established principle being violated here. But I doubt it.

So, speaking as one software engineer to another, I'm disinclined to condemn the camera for this particular foible. But it's clear I don't feel as strongly about it as you do.

To be honest, I think most camera menus have fairly mediocre menu systems but I try not to lose too much sleep over it. On the plus side, the UI of the A77 on the outside is, to my way of thinking anyway, extraordinarily good.


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