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Re: Which monitor - P221W information

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFT_LCD has a section on the different panels showing the merits of each.

I have had the P221W for quite a while. I purchased it with the Spectraview calibration bundle. In the UK the calibration bundle is different than the US Spectraview II. See this FAQ here:

http://www.necdisplay.com/spectra-view-II/FAQ for the difference.

I have a 19 inch CRT that is quite worn and no longer suitable for editing. The vertical dimension of the P221W was the most generous of the ones I researched and matched very closely the vertical dimensions of the CRT matching its 4x3 format. I have the P221W set to native 1050 x 1680 @ 60 Hz refresh matching the Win resolution and it functions on the DVI-D second port of my video card to the monitor DVI-I port.

PSE recognizes the window size and nicely fills the screen as does the Canon DPP RAW editor and Corel PSPP3 and PSP 4 as well as QImage all keeping the correct perspective in the WS format.

Enir4 wrote:

What's the difference between S-IPS (the one I have now) and S-PVA, the NEC P221W, which they tell me it is better?


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