OM-D and G3 size comparision

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Re: OM-D and G3 size comparision

ohmydentist wrote:

Here's very unscientific comparison of G3 and OM-D, I just matched the viewable area of the LCD's height, just to get an rough estimate of sizes. ^^

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The G3 definitely looks smaller. The leaked dimensions for the OMD are 122mm wide by 89mm high or about 0.3" greater height and width than the G3.

Now that more is becoming know about the OMD like the same sensor as the G3, no inbody flash, inefficient codec for HD video, and price almost double that of the G3 I would think the latter would think the G3 may receive some more consideration. For the same price one could get the G3 body and new 12-35/f2.8 lens for less cost than the OMD with its much slower kit lens. Even the GH2 with new 12-35/f2.8 would be little more than the OMD with kit lens.

Still I prefer the better metal body on the new OMD even if I don't like the high dome. Hopefully the IBIS will be improved as rumored and AF improved for fast tracking of fast moving object. Only a few more days before we get the real specs and at least some initial impressions from the previews.

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