My brand new K-5 just died!

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Re: Return it!


Thank you for your advice and information about the camera.

Yes, I will return it, and hope for the best with an exchange. Even a few images proved that the K-5 is quite a step up from the K-7. I'll be anxious to receive a new one.

LaFonte wrote:

If you can repeat the problem, then yes, it is faulty. The lens would be hardly to blame.

Don't mess with it, don't spend time trying to "fix" it, return it for another one. If it died few times, you can hardly blame yourself for user error.
Normally k-5 should work solid as a rock even if you put whatever lens on it.

Kamgal wrote:

Thanks to all of you that responded with suggestions.

Here are the actions I have done:

I always change lenses with the camera off.

I did read the manual, and had just put in most of setting choices before the camera died when focusing.

The battery has always been dead, so couldn't take it out and put it back in.

When I attempted a firmware update, my computer wasn't unzipping the file, needed to ask my son about that today, so put the SanDisk card back in, re-formatted it, and the camera shows the 1.01 firmware.

The batteries have always needed about a half an hour to recharge after dying when focusing.

I have always had the camera in AV with AF single, with auto focus point set to auto, with multi-segmented metering.

I planned to go out today and get a new card, but first I tried the camera again with the DA 55-300 lens.

It died on the fourth shot while focusing. I then put the lens on both my K-7 and K20D and challenged it with lots of focusing changes, no problems with either camera.

I put the K-7 lens in the K-5 and tried the Tamron 17-50 lens again, it did not die after eight tries.

Then I remembered to put in a different SD card (didn't think to re-format it) in the K-5, put the DA 55-300 back on, and it died on the fourth shot. The battery need to be recharged also.

Am I right to think if it only dies with the DA 55-300 lens which has no problems on my other two cameras, that still indicates as flaw with the K-5.? I would think just having the battery die repeated would stress the camera.

I have to admit I am not so sure now that it did die with Tamron 17-50 last night.

Is there something crucial I have missed or is it time to exchange it?

I want to thank all of you again for your sound advice after reading through my long and detailed accounts as I tried to include all the variables.


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