Strange sensor behavior. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

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Re: You picked the camera up before it was finished

Thanks Andy, for taking the time to explain this convincingly. It's very possible I did pickup the camera before the end of the exposure. As I remember now, I was trying to take pictures while my wife and two year old hovered around and they were very annoyed....

Andy Crowe wrote:

I took these pics last summer while driving around with my family. I took dozens if not hundreds of pictures at Niagara. Lots of keepers, however, something strange and unexplainable happened to two pictures> I got these bizarre streaks of light in the picture. The exposures were long, 15 and 30 seconds and admittedly, these were longer exposures than the other ones taken around the same time....

Those streaks are clearly electric lights taken while the camera is being moved around (the light and dim patterns, the fact that many lines follow the same path), maybe you picked the camera up a second or two before it had finished taking the photo?

Here's a shot I took intentionally moved the camera during an exposure

And another one where I was taking a longer exposure and jogged the camera before it had finished exposing.

In a very long exposure (30+ secs) a couple of seconds of movement would result in a clearly defined background (as you have ~28 secs worth of exposure on it) but any bright points would streak like this.

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