World record !!!! 6pics per second at 36 MP

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Re: World record !!!! 6pics per second at 36 MP

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Why do you compare it to medium format, I don't get it? Those sensors are twice the size of FF.

But they are half the efficiency of the D800. D800 will eat most MF for breakfast.

In terms of DR yes, in noise in the midtones, I'm not so sure, simply because the lower 'effective' base ISO of MF. If I compare the D3x vs. the IQ180 at their lowest respective ISO setting for '18% gray', the IQ180 has a SNR that is almost 5 db higher. If I look at the progress between the Nikon D90 and the NEX 5N (which likely reflects the progress between the D3x and the D800) at base ISO I get an improvement of about 3 db.

OK. Let's look at the H4D 50 (sensor QE 16%, base ISO 47, size 16500 mm^2), and the D800 (sensor QE 48%, base ISO 83, size 868mm^2). D800 = (48*868*47) (16*16500*83) = 0.89 1/6 stop down absolute. I should have said ISO for ISO it will eat it for breakfast.

And the IQ180 likely has at least the QE of the earlier Phase backs, ie, 22% vs. 16%, an area of 2169 vs. 1650 and a base ISO of 29 vs. 47, ie, it should beat the H4D 50 by 1.5 stops ... at twice the price.

Yup, but the D800 surely is going to give what most people think of as MF quality. That's presumably the thinking of the non-AA filtered model, going straight for the MF market. Can't see much of that surviving this.

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