Could a G3 replace my GF1 & G2?

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Andrew ...Re: Could a G3 replace my GF1 & G2?

Hi Andrew,

Hope you're doing well - been a while !

Much as I enjoy/ed my E-P1 (which I still have), I was keen for improved high-ISO results, but especially felt the need for a viewfinder of some sort - but not as an add-on.

I've had my G3 for a couple of weeks now, and am really pleased with the output. AEL - important for me (as it is for most) is, fortunately, assignable to one of the two Fn buttons, so no probs there.

Flip-out screen ? Not a big deal, I thought .... until last Saturday - at Stonehenge. A few 'large DSLR' merchants there as well, standing & taking shots at usual height. Me - bent down (though not getting covered in mud!), with a different - low - viewpoint. Really made a difference, and very pleased to have the facility...much more useful than I ever expected, takes me back to the days of my Canon A80 ! Also useful for some product shots I made today, that would have needed a much bigger/messier setup without - or backache !

So, my (black) G3 is really small & unobtrusive, hangs over my shoulder ready to use in a sec, has the quality I remain surprised by, and is also a massive bargain at the mo.

Quite a few images from my G3 already, at

Let us know how you get on !

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