K-01 Isn't for most on this forum

Started Feb 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: in case Pentax/Ricoh imaging follows this forum...

audiobomber wrote:

That's the only disappointment for me, no EVF. The K-01 ticks all the boxes, I love that it's K-mount, it has the right sensor, I like the unique styling, great price. I would snap this up, even at a significantly higher price, except that I will not buy a camera without a viewfinder.

Really, folks, don't you think that Pentax considered an EVF and decided against it for marketing reasons? And don't you think that they will soon introduce other cameras (with or without mirrors) that will have OVFs and/or EVFs? Please give them credit for knowing more about the marketplace and their own business than we do. They are not clueless idiots.


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