would you buy....?

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would you buy....?

Hi folks

lens roadmap posts suggest the following lenses will come on line, simple question, which would you buy ?


What would I buy ?

DA 550 possibly, would prefer a zoom personally

DA 50 no

DA 18-250 possibly - if it's sharper that the current superzoom

DA 120-380 possibly - I have the 60-250 though, so something in the 300-600 region would be more interesting to me, I'd have to look hard at the focal lengths I've used to decide on this one.

Another forum notes that this FL is good for airshows, no experience of that genre myself though.

DA*16-85 DEFINITELY, the 16-50 is too short at long end, would upgrade from my 17-70 which I'm already very pleased with.

DA 22-38 LIMITED no

DA 12-28 no - I have the 12-24, the extra to 28 would be nice but I will not spending the £££

TC - YES but only if it transfers the data to the SR so the total focal length is correct. I have the (discontinued) tamron 1.4x. The market needs a pentax TC.

What's missing ? Off the top of my head a good 24/35-135, and/or 24-90 constant F4 would be nice but not essential. The 18-135 doesn't look good on paper to me.

My current LBA diagnosis is
DA12-24, DA17-70, FA35, DA*50-135, DA*60-250, DA*200
also have A50/1.7 A28 F70-210, F35-70, FA28-70 IIRC
prognosis for the patient is deteriorating

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