Exactly, exactly what they needed to come out with - the new zoom module

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Re: Prog, sensor speed?

tolomea wrote:

Jim King wrote:

slncezgsi wrote:

One could say that Ricoh made the lens as large as possible. I am curios about the performance.

so I don't think the Ricoh is "as large as possible." Hyperbole is ok, but do your homework, please.

I think what was meant there is that it's pushing the upper limit of what can physically be put into a GXR module, so the reasoning could have been "this is as big as we can practically make a GXR module, what can we cram into that space".

Guys, I am not that complicated - I was just poking a bit of fun at the new zoom module. Once I have seen the top view it looks more like the camera is attached to the lens and not the other way round. I would have just wished that the lens would be smaller as it will probably be nose-havy what is never too pleasant (in use).

I am not sure how to compare an SLR zoom lens to non-SLR zoom lens - the designers have more freedom in the second case, but I do not know how much can they win size-wise.

I know that there are limits to size, but I can not help but think of the pancake zoom for m4/3 which is so much smaller (in particular when collapsed).

On the positive side - this zoom module has rather few lenses (given its zoom range) and many asph surfaces - so it may perform really well. The 'non-compact' size may allow to fight image distortions.

I do think positively about this lens and wish it will work really well. I promise I do

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