Sony F8 500 Reflex Telephoto Lens

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Re: I have both the Tamron and the Reflex

Thank you, Shawn, for posting the comparison shots. In my book, they all look great! I kind of like the "donut bokeh", but I could see that getting old after a while.

Were any of the photos your processed or are they straight from the camera?

With the Reflex lens being a fixed focal length, aren't you pretty limited to what you can do with the composure of the shot? For example, if you're attempting to get a shot of an eagle in a tree that isn't far from you, you might be stuck with only being able to get half the eagle in the frame, correct? (Unless you can physically move further away from the bird.)

BTW, for those interested in the Sony Reflex lens, one is available on eBay for $750:

Now that I know about the Tamron, I don't think I'm as gung-ho on the idea of the Reflex lens as I once was, so I'm going to pass on the eBay lens.
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