Nex 5n and Nikkors

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Re: Nex 5n and Nikkors

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for the feedback I will try to answer as many as I can below.


Adapter: Kiwifotos and allows control of aperture with just a switch on and off. Funny thing is it works in reverse (don't understand why) ie. switch set to on and aperture ring on lens will not work, switch set to off, and it works. Doesn't bother me as long as it works. The only irritating part is getting or changing the lens, they are so tight once on, I ended up cutting my finger yesterday while changing.

I know everyone says that the 45 GN is nice, and I don't disagree, but it has yet to impress me. From a few shots taken this morning.... I don't know. I will be posting some pictures in a different thread where I've taken shots using the 35 / 24 / 45 / and 85. The 85 is a very good performer and because it's huge I find it handle very well. (I got this one for video work mainly and so far I'm impressed)

At the end I will still pp, and still adjust colors to suit... I wish they made a minolta beercan equivalent for the nex - the colours are just fab with that lens.

George: the bottom 2 pics were shot with the kit lens 18-55 oss - really clean eh? This lens amazes me every time I use it.

DCox - Thank you for the tip - I will try it and provide feedback.

commiebiker - Thank you I'm sure this lens is promising - I like a lot of contrast in my pictures (very personal, but thats how I like them) so I usually shoot standard, and take control in pp, to get the look I want. Thank you again.

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