X1ORB & XSAG-1 What next?

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Re: X1ORB & XSAG-1 What next?

Thanks! I've been wondering if my grandad's camera has any decent lenses. He passed away just over 10 years ago and was massively into photography. I'm pretty sure he has a very nice Nikon 35mm film SLR in my dad's attic with potentially some nice lenses to go with it.

I could either use the lenses with a new Nikon DSLR or sell them to put towards some nice glass on another brand. I'm sure my dad wont mind what I do with them.

The massive size of DSLR sensors should more than make up for the lack of a huge zoom lens with smaller sensor bridge cameras.

I'll probably get a Panasonic TS3 as well for just a stick it in the other half's handbag point and shoot and I can take it snorkelling/diving on holiday as long as I dont go too deep.

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