What is X10 aperture sweet spot?

Started Feb 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: What is X10 aperture sweet spot?

Red Bicycle wrote:

Thanks to you both

Now what about Macro/Super Macro where I'd expect to be able to use f8-f11??

You're probably better off using the smallest aperture possible. Yes, you'll lose sharpness due to diffraction blurring, but you'll lose a lot more to the tiny depth of field that you get shooting macro and super macro shots. If you want good, sharp shots of stationary subjects that are sharp from front to back, use a tripod and a rail to take many shots at uniformly increasing or decreasing camera-to-subject distances, and combine them using a focus-stacking program. This will allow you to use the wider apertures that don't lose detail due to diffraction.

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