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Re: Canon 200MM F2.8 L

Yes you read the tests correctly, I was very much surprised when I find it, as when I compared my 200mm prime with the old 70-200 2.8 IS, the results were opposite. I don't know why but the sample of 70-200 IS II that I tested showed 185mm for maximum zoom corresponding to 200mm on lens barrel, probably a bug there. I'll retest my 200mm prime to exclude focusing issues for sure soon, but I think that the results were accurate.

It would be interesting to see similar comparison from your lenses.

A Owens wrote:

Hmmm, that is interesting. If I read your tests correctly, the zoom looks better. I wonder if there could be a mis-focus of the prime? Also I note that the zoom is shot at 185mm or there abouts and it is at 200mm that is the most difficult for a zoom so maybe there is something in that.

I actually picked up a bargain MkII zoom yesterday from a local Ebay seller so am going to test it against my 200L and will be interested to see if my findings are consistent with yours above. I hope so and then I can sell the prime without regret. Except for the outrageous weight and size of this thing!

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