X10 Firmware Update ..."I Will KNOW WHEN By The End Of Next Week".....

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Re: X10 Firmware Update ..."I Will KNOW WHEN By The End Of Next Week".....

Will Hickman wrote:

shutterbobby wrote:

thought is was your cake Will ...I stopped putting candles on mine...not enough CO2 quotas left some more of Mt. Shasta..love that mountain..lived near there years ago..such great motives where you are..too flat here in Denmark...bit like Kansas but no OZ

If I tried to blow out the candles on my cake I'd pass out! Can't blow out the candles and can't eat the cake! Old age is fickle....

I rather enjoy Denmark. Was only there twice when we lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm a pipe smoker (not our famous leading cash crop that our area is noted for) and got some wonderful clay pipes in Copenhagen! BTW, "green" tobacco is legal here as it is in Denmark!

I know the Orbs occur. But they occur under a very narrow range of circumstances! Heck, I wrote Fuji to encourage them to do something about the issue even though I have not experienced the problem myself. What angers me is that a few people insist on condemning the entire camera when it does a wonderful job in so many other situations. I believe some posters merely hate the camera on general appearance, customer base, manufacture (just don't like Japanese Fuji) or whatever! It's not just the orb issue, there is more.

How very very true Will - a lot of rebels without a cause have found one (Fuji) where they can get high on venting their spleen. This partially accounts for the most vociferous of complainers who don't even own the camera. Just my opinion - of course.

Dave. (UK)

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