Free application to open the "raw" CR2's from the S100?

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Re: Free application to open the "raw" CR2's from the S100?

Qafziel wrote:

I eventually installed the trial version of DxO Optics. If you turn off all the corrections, it seems like it shows the real raw data, although I'm not quite sure it shows the entire frame. In any case, this is what I was looking for.

The geometric distortion of the raw image at WA is indeed worse than it is with the "uncorrected" DPP image, but in fact it's not as bad as I feared. It seems that Canon didn't quite push this to the limit, probably to preserve some of the IQ expected from this camera.

BTW, I'm quite impressed with the geometric corrections and NR that this software does, so I may end up buying this for regular use with this camera.

I've been using DxO since my first DSLR and now my S90. It does some amazing things. If you push the camera to it's limits the software does a nice job of giving you a nice image. Look at the corners of the picture with any high contrast objects and you will see the software's ability to bring detail and eliminate fringing.

It also does a nice job with high ISO images. I think you have 30days to try it. Throw some crazy stuff at it and see what you think.

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