Will used $300-400 DSLR kit (6MP) outperform newer compact?

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Re: Will used $300-400 DSLR kit (6MP) outperform newer compact?

sjgcit wrote:

You have only two options here :
(1) a D5000 or similar DSLR
(2) A large sensor mirrorless camera
This is the only way to get the DR you want.

Thanks for the quick reply. You make a lot of sense here. I probably contaminated my main question, which is:

Would an old 6MP DSLR get me "meaningfully" more DR than a newer compact camera [let's say a G12 to keep it simple and real].

By "meaningfully," I mean would a 6MP DSLR be closer to my D90, or would it be closer to the G12... or something less? I'm willing to get something less than the D90's DR... if it'd be a big step up from the other cameras I have.

I also like manual zoom much better than power zoom. The X10 would be worth the money to me... if not for the orb/disc problem.

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