D800 with 24MM FF CCD & No video !

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Why does not Nikon adopt 24MP sensor of D3X in D800?

FTH wrote:

wouldn't that be sweet ?


I cannot stand the colors from latest cmos sensors, especially for skin tones, they look like almond past, no matter which picture control or setting. I own 3 DSLR cameras : the Nikon D5100 (16MP cmos), D40X (10MP CCD, same as D200) and the canon T2i (18MP cmos). A friend lend me a D700, even if it carries a cmos sensor, the files look very nice with no color shift, but my 2 cmos APS cameras deliver very weird colors. No matter which setting, impossible to get proper results shooting jpeg, and really hard to recover in raw : Skins look like almond paste, sometimes they are unrecoverable.

I never had such an issue with my D40X : files could be over or underexposed by 1 stop, colors & details were always accurate and vibrant, in ANY situation.

That is the reason why I keep a D80, I have a D80 and a D700, and colors of CCD sensor and CMOS sensor are different. I don't think Nikon will adopt 24MP CCD sensor of DALSA but I think they can adopt 24MP CMOS sensor of D3X in D800. Anyway the announcement is near; let’s see what happens to D800. We’ll have plenty of fun in ensuing months and it is a good way of passing through the winter, isn’t it?

The T2i is the worst out of the bunch. The D5100 delivers "ok" shots during a sunny day with blue skies, but greens and reds are always shifted. On higher iso settings, above 800 iso, heavy noise reduction is applied into the raw file, even with noise reduction settings off : NR artifacts show up with a 1x magnification, skin detail is lost & hair looks mushy. My D40X, while 1 stop noisier, will produce way better detail above 800 iso.

I really wish Nikon could go back to CCD, even if this dream may never come true due too cost reasons and partnership with Sony. Also a video compatible FF CCD sensor would cost a ton.

But they could produce a killer FF still camera, equaling or beating the Leica M9 (18mp ccd) which produces outstanding files.

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