Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

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Re: Gary's best book yet!

+1 I had turned off the face recognition as well, and was also suprised to see it could be very useful. Thanks Gary!

garykohs wrote:

This is the 4th of Gary's books I've purchased and this is easily the best one yet. It's an indispensable tool for any owner of an a77 or a65.

I haven't taken the time to examine each of the "bells and whistles" of the a77 and Gary has done a great job of providing a description of each, together with recommendations - geared to an enthusiast - of when to use them and which ones to avoid.

I've learned a lot in the last six or so hours that I've spent with Gary's book. I think my greatest surprise is the realization of the incredible value of face recognition. That's a feature I've had turned off but I now realize it's going to make my task of shooting baseball team portrait shots next week a lot easier. Instead of focus and recompose or manually selecting a focus point over the face the a77 will do that for me. I'll get equivalent or better results and be able to shoot much quicker!

I do want to note one error, which Gary has already acknowledged via email. The a77 (and I assume the a65) does NOT force auto ISO - as the a55 does - when in the high speed (12 fps/10fps) mode. Nobody's perfect!

Kudos to Gary on a great book!

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