Nikon V1 + tc20 III + 70-200

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Re: Nikon V1 + tc20 III + 70-200

Tuxster wrote:

Can someone shed some light on this question.

Rule of thumb for using zoom lenses is to set camera speed to lens length. Example would be a 200mm lens would require 1/200s or better to prevent camera shake.

If you were to use the above combo, Nikon v1 (2.7x) with TC20 III (2x) and a 70-200mm VR II lens would your min speed be 1/200, 1/400 or 1/1080 to prevent camera shake?

As you probably know, the rule of thumb is 1/focal length x crop factor. So, you have 200mm x 2 (TC) x 2.7x (crop factor) = 1/1080sec which is what you calculated.

However, you do have VR, so this may help, assuming the V1 recognises this and the lens does work knowing that it is for 1080mm. I would still use a monopod at minimum or better still, a tripod.

VR only works to assist in camera shake and does not stop subject movement, so even though VR may ehlp you with any camera shake, you still need to be aware of the subject movement across the frame etc.



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