Nex 5n and Nikkors

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Nex 5n and Nikkors

Hi everyone,

After moths of debating, I finally bought a 5n. Got it Thursday, just charged the battery overnight - did not get time to turn on or set anything up. Luckily my boss asked me to take some pics at work for a client who wanted the pictures blown up for advertising on his shopfront windows. So only with the kit 18-55 lens, I went to the clients office - and I still remember the look they gave me - they must have thought I'll turn up with a 60d or something. I did what I had to do, and the environment was ... a warehouse, only fluorescent light, but chose a good spot and reflected the light using a big sheet of matt foamex panel I had in the truck. Worked like a charm. Did not have to use flash on any of the shots. Showed them to the client before leaving and.... I was very impressed with what this kit lens did. Pictures were sharp, detailed... very impressive. Sorry cannot post these as they now belong to the company I work for.

Anyway, one of my client had some old nikon stock which he was not using, and I tempted him with selling them. He brought them over, and at first sight they were in a state.... ie pretty dusty, but they all had individual leather cases. The pictures below will show what I've purchased. We had a bit of a haggle, and I knew I would spend all night cleaning the lenses if I was using them on the 5n.

My lens lust overweighs my sleep - so I cleaned them all. But a lot of them have dust speckles on the inside - anyone know how to get rid of that???

I bought 5 lenses from him, and since I had my old adapter from the time I'd had the nex c3, I was oly looking for Nikon glass.
45mm 2.8 - a pancake I hadn't seen before.
35mm f2.8
24mm f2.8
85mm f1.8 with a very hard aperture ring.
135mm f3.5

Paid £110 for all of them. I think it's a fair price considering the state they were in.

Below are the each of them with test shots tried out using a table lamp - on camera flash (compensated) NR applied and tweaked slightly. Filename ending with AMB was shot in anti motion blur mode. Rest filenames will tell you what lens was used.

Not that one can tell much - but I think the internal dust on many of the lenses will e seen on the pictures.
It's snowed tonight - looking forward to take some good pictures in the morning.

CC Appreciated. Thanking you for looking.


Canon EOS 60D
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