Sony F8 500 Reflex Telephoto Lens

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Re: Sony F8 500 Reflex Telephoto Lens

imarollingstone wrote:

The other option is the Tamron 200-500. It's a big more money and heavier, but is more versatile and somewhat faster without the donut bokeh issue.

Having just purchased an A77 and being new to the Sony world, I too was really excited to learn about the Sony 500mm Reflex lens only to find-out it's no longer available. However, this Tamron lens has me intrigued. If I'm not mistaken, the Reflex lense was $800 new and seems to fetch darn near that on eBay. For just over $100 more (on Amazon), one can get the Tamron lens ($919) which seems to have the obvious advantage that it's not a fixed zoom lens. Do any of you have experience with both lenses? I'd like to see a comparison between the two. No sense in driving myself nuts hoping a Reflex lens shows-up on eBay for a reasonable price if the Tamron would give me just as much reach and decent image quality.
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