K-01 Isn't for most on this forum

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Re: K-01 Isn't for most on this forum

Compact.....Scmompact !!! size is crap with mirrorless, put one of those honking long lenses on Nex or Oly an what do you have........an oversized metallic mushroom. Unless its truly small like the Q, then its a small chip off the size and weight of any entry level DSLR.

Q is the only interchangeable system that competes for size with compacts. Imo, the only thing missing on Q is a bigger sensor. A 2/3" sensor would have been a much better choice, heck even a 1 1/7" sensor. Otherwise the Q does pretty good with that small sensor considering, I just don't like the DOF limitations.

Just look at the amount of responses to the official announcement.......can't buy that sort of advertising........pentax laughing all the way to the bank, because all theyve done is build a body only and developed an existing lens....nice

It's the same focal length but I assure you a completely new design. The two are light years apart in build.



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