G3 sensor really worse than GH2?

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Then it's as simple as this:

Great Bustard wrote:

W A Stewart wrote:

I don't see it. Louis Dobson has in several threads indicated that the GH2 has a pretty good sensor whereas the G3 does not, at least at low ISOs, shooting raw and doing considerable PP. The point of this is that the new EM5 (or whatever it's called) will share the same cruddy sensor.

You might want to take Louis' opinions with a grain of salt.

OK, here's the G3 sensor:


Here's the GH2 sensor:


Note that at base ISO, the GH2 sensor has 0.8 stops more DR. This is the source of Louis' gripe.

As I have both the G3 and the GH2 I was a bit surprised, not having seen any notable differences.

On another day, Louis might have made the same comment:


There is no, none, zero difference between the 30X40 prints I make from the E3, D3 and GH2. All are used at base ISO.

Nobody would be able to consistently tell you which came from which camera.

So, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

All modern sensors are fine at base ISO. There is no visible difference, one only appears once you start to push and pull. The G1/E3 have enough latitude most of the time, the GH2 and D3 almost all the time. That skip from "most of" to "almost all" is quite useful. I am reluctant to step back from it.

So what you are saying is that the 10.8 stops of DR at base ISO with the GH2 is "enough" -- you don't need more, but will not accept less. That's an absolutely fine statement to make, and akin to saying that "12 MP is enough -- I don't need more, but will not accept less".

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