K-01, The first mirrorless with no benefits ?

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Re: K-01, The first mirrorless with no benefits ?

I usually challenge my own ideas and prejudices before I comment anywhere, on any topic.

If you can’t find a reason or a situation in which this camera would benefit you, then I guess it’s simply not for you, or you haven’t considered situations (photographic or personal), in which this camera might be exactly what you need.

I will say that if the sensor is the same or equal in performance to that of the k5 (a world-class, best-in-class sensor, even against many FF sensors), for an MSRP of $750, there isn’t an imaging device that can touch it in quality or price. Affordable legacy glass is literally everywhere (and that’s more than half the IQ battle).

To expand on your question, why would anyone buy anything but a Nikon D3x?

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