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Re: heh...really?

Shooting babies is exactly the same way. And shooting pets... or anything else. Anything that has audience/clients/customers/etc, a lot (not all) that goes into whether the customer is happy not is managing their expectations.

  • There are people who are happy with iphone pics of their kids on facebook.

  • There are people who are happy with walmart pics of their kids in 8x10s.

  • There are people who are happy with mall photo stores to send around.

  • There are people who are only happy with large pics from the best photographers that they can hang on their walls.

  • There are people are happy with whatever they can shoot with whatever they have

  • And then there are situations where you're happy with whatever you can get

  • And so on

So whether they're happy or not is based on the results matched up against their expectations. In this case here, I have no clue what the parents' expectations are. And unless you do, I don't see how you can say if they would be happy with it or not.

My analogy was to show the extreme case of "expectations" but for a lot of things (shooting babies, shooting brides, new camera announcements, etc...), managing expectation is huge.

Perhaps you don't understand anything about shooting (or doing anything) for people and their expectations, or perhaps just like to make statements about how happy people will be when you don't know anything about them. Perhaps. If that is the case, hopefully you will learn.

winparkman wrote:

brides? So, you are justifying your comment with the idea that brides are a tough audience? are certainly right about that. Mothers, on the other hand, tend to be a much different audience, especially when it comes to their babies and recording the milestones of their baby's lives.

Perhaps I was a little hard on you. Perhaps you don't understand the difference between shooting brides and photographing your babies. Perhaps. If that is the case, hopefully you will learn.

unsubscribe wrote:
What the heck are you talking about???

When dealing with something like taking pictures, you always have to take the expectations of the viewer in mind.

Some brides expect little and want to pay a little - so they're happy with something decent.

Some brides expect a lot and want to pay a lot - so they're happy only if they get what they think is quality.

Some brides expect a lot and want to pay a little - tough crowd to bring "a tremendous amount of happiness to" in your words.

Get the idea?

In this case, how can you even say that the picture above will bring a tremendous amount of happiness t the family when you DON'T KNOW what their expectations are. They may like the pic. They might not. YOU DON'T KNOW. AND I DON'T KNOW.

But feel free to act as sanctimonious as you want.

winparkman wrote:

If you want to be arrogant and condescending, that's fine. Its a blind forum and doubtful anyone here will ever meet you in real life and let you know what an idiot you are. Still, I am glad the Op got the photo.

unsubscribe wrote:

winparkman wrote:

Technically, the photo has problems that others have mentioned. Intrinsically, to the OP, this is an excellent photo that will give a tremendous amount of happiness to him and his family.

That would depend on the expectations of the family. I'm guessing that the baby has little or no expectation when the picture was taken.

If the expectations were low (i.e. happy with a cell phone) then they might be happy. If the expectations were higher, I'm not too sure if they'd be happy.

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OK, not so purely a hobby.

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OK, not so purely a hobby.

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