X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

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Re: X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

PabloF wrote:

I think you meant ISO 125-200, as the exif data shows.

This is consistent with what I find: the texture appears in jpg Large fine at about ISO200, builds up to 800, and at 1600 disappears in favour of a different, more "conventional" type of noise. It's as if a different processing algorithm kicked in between 800 and 1600 ISO (I haven't gone into more detail to see the exact ISO at which the change occurs). See my post 8 days ago above.

What I have also found is that using EXR HR mode attenuates (without completely eliminating) the canvas texture effect.

Yes, my mistake. It was AUTO ISO 1600 so the camera chose the real ISO!

I have seen the texture effect in EXR HR mode also. The other day I thought I was seeing some moire in EXR HR. When I looked at the camera display for the particular shots that showed it, and zoomed in a little bit at a time, the effect would come and go. It was highly variable, but I could see it very clearly in the camera display. I think this is a useful way to review any photo to see if any sort of texturing is going on, but of course the camera display is small and sometimes you can miss it in the camera. I was hoping that EXR HR would give me sharp photos without the effect but as we both know this is not happening.

I think you have put the X10 through all the modes that result in this effect. I am still learning. I think you are more interested in finding the limits of the camera than I am, and I am just trying to make pictures without flaws. So we have different approaches.

For now, I am taking my photos in JPG Medium Fine so I can avoid the effect. For the low light shooting I like to do, there are no other options I can use. All the other options I've tried so far are giving me the effect. It's kind of depressing if I think about it, but the X10 works very well in this one mode so I am ok for now.

Its really amazing to see this effect. I have not seen this in any other digital camera I have ever owned up until now.

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