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Re: To reply/comment on English speaking...

You make some good points ( and in a second language with repeated verification to make sure you used the correct words).

I believe, reading all I have read here, that I won't be using that limit if I decide to host. With the good comments and the (short and quick) statistics I captured, it would restrict too many people only a small percentage of them being likely cheaters.

Now to OT stuff ( ).

If I understand you correctly (and forgive my mangling of the German language), you lived in the state of Rhineland-Pfalz. Even if I have misunderstood, it does remind me that people "looked down on them", too. I worked with a guy from (W) Berlin at the time and I still remember a joke he told about "the Pfalzer" that got a job paining the metal guard rails on the autobahn. He was payed based on the number of meters he had painted.

On his first day, he reported to the supervisor he had painted 200 meters (and the supervisor told him that wasn't too bad).

On the second day, he reported that he had painted 50 meters (the supervisor frowned and wrote it down in his book).

On the thrid day, the Pfalzer reported he had painted 10 meters of guard rail. At this point, the supervisor threw down his pen and in anger asked him why he had been able to paint 200 meters the first day, 50 meters the second day and only 10 on the third. The Pfalzer replied, "Well, you're obviously stupid. Don't you understand that the more meters of guard rail you paint, the longer the walk is back to the paint bucket each time I need more paint !?"

I lived in Karlsruhe for over 3 years. I can't say I like how flat it was but it sure was nice when it came to getting around town on my bike. It was an interesting place and I liked it a lot. Certainly, though, Augsburg was my favorite. Picturesque and not a bad ride to go kayaking and skiing in southern Germany (and Austria). That part of the country is beautiful.

When I first started trying to speak German, I got a LOT of bad responses. Too many people said (something like), "If you can't speak our language correctly, don't speak it at all!". So, for a couple of years, I was scared to try any longer. Then I met a woman (who was a teacher) who told me I should try again and suggested I had only had bad luck with some people. She said there were more people in (W) Germany who appreciated any attempt to speak the native language than there were those who got upset if you made a mistake. So, I began mangling the language again.

As you say, here is the order of difficutly (according to me):

Easiest - Speaking
Easier - Reading
Hard - Writing

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A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of "up to and including my life".

(...from the generation that still uses capital letters and punctuation...)

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