Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

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Re: Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

William Porter wrote:

If the complaint is that the gap is ugly, I would disagree about that too. The gap is interesting and it was clever of Friedman to notice it.

And not very clever of anybody else, including Sony QC, to miss it...

But what was Sony supposed to do?

How about just moving the lower items up by one to remove the gap? The position in the display is very likely rather decoupled from the actual functionality. (And if it isn't, then they likely have worse problems than this).

They've got a fixed number of options to display in the Fn menu. They very reasonably want them to be the same in the A65 and A77 — as much as possible. So they simply removed the setting on the A77, since it's not appropriate there. I suppose they could have put something else in its place but I don't think it is a proof of slovenly development that they didn't.

A UI looking like this is slovenly. There are many ways of dealing with the problem, and it should not happen. Compared to the rest of what is going on in the firmware, this is almost trivial to handle correctly.

Its presence is indicative of one or more things.

  1. unclear requirements in development ("hey guys, do we want this in or not?"),

  2. too little time in development ("what? you want it ready now? but you haven't even answered my last question!")

  3. non-comprehensive QC ("ey, have you this new cam? any reason not to let it pass QC? no? fine, out it goes")

Possibly more than that, possibly all of them but at least #3.

Will this problem impact the functionality? No, of course not. It is not a big deal.

Does it make me distrust their their development process? Ehm, well, yes - a bit.

PS: Yes, I am a software engineer by profession, before you ask
Wait and see...

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