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I have uploaded samples 100% crops from both lenses.. I was surprised with the results.

A Owens wrote:

barmaley111 wrote:

A Owens wrote:

barmaley111 wrote:

new 70-200 II IS is slightly better at 200@2.8, but not for the weight and price difference.

Not doubting your view Alex but ave you witnessed this for yourself?

Yes, I have tried the new zoom (I mean 70-200 2.8L IS II) myself. I borrowed the lens from my friend, and I was surprised when I made head to head comparison with my prime. Zoom was better wide open (less CA and sharper). By the f/4 aperture there was no visible difference. I may post some sample images later if you are interested.

Alex, if you do have some time to do that I would very much appreciate it. I would be very pleased if I could go with the zoom without fear of IQ loss. Like you I prefer primes but for the 70-200 range a zoom would be very useful and I cannot justify owning both.

I guess that your sample of the zoom had some issues or there were focusing issue

You are right - it is quite possible that the focus is not spot on as the body these images were taken with does not have live view. Accurate focus is of course much more important than the quality of the lens!

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You are welcome to have a look at my gallery:

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