Sony vs Tamron 18-200

Started Feb 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony vs Tamron 18-200

Yep...looks like it's a crapshoot for both of them as far as IQ. It's hard to make even generalizations at this point with the sample variance I've seen on the Sony.

Both Tamrons were pretty similar, but there's nothing saying this is typical either.

reehumm wrote:

Not sure how much of this is due to sample variation but just tested the Sony vs Tamron and the Sony destroyed the Tamron. Sony much sharper, better contrast across the frame and across all focal lengths and apertures. I'm a bit disappointed as I wanted the Tamron for the size difference (which is significant) and the black color. I may try another sample of the Tamron if I can get the store to agree to it.

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