sony a77 should I or shouldn't I?

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justshootmetc wrote:

Thanks for your input Will. Sounds like you get great results with your a77. I appreciate your seemingly unbiased input.

Well, I try for my own benefit to be fair and honest but I don't claim I am unbiased. Before I decided to get the A77, I had already invested a goodish bit in Sony lenses, having converted from Pentax to Sony in 2010. So I had an incentive to stick with Sony. But not an overpowering one. I could afford to switch, or would find a way to afford it if I had to. I'm glad I don't feel have to.

This is helpful. It does seem the d7000 would be a good and safe choice. And yet I lean toward taking a risk with Sony. You seem to love yours!

Indeed. I'm enjoying the A77 more than any camera I have ever used.

I do consider the in-camera stabilization on the a77 and would hope that would save some $ in the long run.

Ah, image stabilization or SSS. I didn't mention it as one of my reasons for getting the A77, did I? If I didn't, that is because this has become something of a question mark for me. That is, after being convinced that it is a big plus of Pentax and Sony bodies, I'm no longer sure. At longer focal lengths, where you really do need IS, stabilized lenses are superior because they stabilize the image in the finder. At the shorter focal lengths where I do 95% of my work, say, 85mm and wider, and especially 50mm and wider, I'm no longer convinced SSS makes a huge difference. At these focal lengths you generally don't run afoul of the rule of thumb about keeping shutter speed faster than reciprocal of focal length. And if you start to, well, at some point around 1/30th of a second, you start worrying about subject movement as much or more than camera stability, and I am talking about shots where the subject is trying to be still.

I still regard SSS as a plus. Just not a decisive one. Lack of body-based IS in Nikon and Canon cameras wouldn't keep me from buying one of them.


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