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Re: Sad reflection on Pentax forum users

Ok, at the risk of being banned from this discussion- I will admit to being a designer. And yes, the K-01 pushes the right buttons for me. Comparison's to apple hit the mark insofar as they both seem to pass a nod to Dieter Rams (apple more then a little nod)- the godfather of modern industrial design. Rams designs were oft considered abonormal, but this is a good thing. Apple until relatively recently has also been derided for their overly simple mechanical designs.

I don't think anyone can seriously dismiss this camera based on images without holding it. I think bringing in Newson for the design (I do hate the signature though) is a perhaps risky move which shows guts from Pentax, they were willing to re-think current conventions in camera design, strip back a lot of the crap that clutters the camera and makes an object that is meant to do a simple thing (take a picture) look intimidating for most people. It the k-01 delivers image quality near the k5 or above, what is there to complain about!?

Don't like the design? Handle it. If you still don't like it, and that is enough to make you not like something, then don't buy it.

No ovf? Get with the times. Pentax knows the people who will bring in money for them over the next generation are growing up now never having ever used one.

No articulated screen? Other options here, an added accessory if you really need one. Personally I prefer the lack of one, and the cost saving.

Too Big? If I'm bolting my manual k135 2.5 (with focus peaking no less) to a camera, I want the body to be in proportion unlike the sony systems. If size is really the highest priority, I will shoot with my iphone. If the image is more important then size, I will most likely be taking multiple lenses with me, adapters, flashes etc. A few extra mm on the camera body is no problem here.

Anyway, thanks Pentax. I will be advocating the k-01 where possible.

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