Who is the intended customer of the K-01

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Re: Sad reflection on Pentax forum users

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Look it's like this fairly simple Pentax make cameras end of story cameras are not cool, they are meant to be practical and used by people who enjoy photography.

Problem is the K-01 isn't cool it doesn't look cool and most folks have mocked it

On the one hand, you say cameras are merely tools. On the other, you feel it important to stress how uncool-looking the camera is. So, which is it for you? The obvious answer is that you can't decide because you don't get it. It's not aimed at you, and it's something unfamiliar, so you have to write it off to make yourself feel better. In fact it makes you feel even better than that if you belittle the camera and those who it might appeal to.

Different strokes for different folks. It's a niche camera. No skin off your back. It's not a personal attack on you, so why do you care? When the reviews on image quality come out, and it turns out this "uncool" camera kicks a$$, all bets will be off because at the end of the day "even" designers and hipsters want to take awesome photos. (the horror!)

Give it a rest, wait for the k-3, and don't be such a party-pooper.

Oh, and have a nice day!

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