Buying a camera for the baby on the way and the two year old.

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Re: Buying a camera for the baby on the way and the two year old.

Good to hear you have the lens part set!

Now as for the flash questions. First, speaking as a senior medical student (1 month from graduation) who has done a rotation in ophthalmology, I can say that there is not going to be any harm to the eyes with the occasional use of flash, even if pointed directly at the child. The lights doctors use to examine the eyes put a much brighter light straight through the pupil for a much longer time with no consequences unless used for minutes at a time and focused right on the retina.

But what will be hurt is the image quality. Direct flash is very harsh, and produces pretty crappy images that will likely negate the benefits of having the DSLR. If you get the 50mm 1.8 or a lens with a similarly large aperture, you may be able to just get by without using a flash. But if you do use flash, you want to bounce it off the ceiling or a wall. The speedlight 430 or 580 will let you do this. This is also the function of the lightscoop that I mentioned previously if you want to stick with a lower cost choice and use the built in flash.

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