X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

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Re: X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

Today I took a few pictures of a co-worker's office decoration. Nice photos until I looked closer.
Here are two close-up views of the same scene.

One started out as Large Fine (12 mpix) and the other was Medium Fine (6 mpix). Also, sharpness in the medium fine shot was set to medium-hard, and in the large fine shot it was set to standard.

The large one showed clearly the canvas-like texturing, and the medium one did not show it at all.

I cropped the same small view out of the center of each, then resized the large image to 1/root2, to match the pixels of the medium one. After resizing I was surprised because the canvas-like texture almost disappeared (that is, it became far less noticeable). I then cropped the same image area out of that resized image.

Then I used photoshop Elements 9 and applied autosharpening to both (this is really excessive sharpening if you ask me). The canvas-like texture is still visible in the resized large shot, but not at all in the medium shot.

Also, I'm posting the 100% crop of the large shot before resizing. Excessive sharpening has not been applied to it. The canvas-like texture is clearly visible in the shadowed areas.

From this test set my conclusion is that the best prints from my X10 will be from Medium Fine (6 mpix) images.

These are the camera setups:

Large fine, ISO1600, DR200, Astia simulation, color high, sharpness standard, highlight tone medium-hard, shadow tone medium-hard, noise reduction low.

Medium fine, ISO1600, DR200, Astia simulation, color high, sharpness medium-hard, highlight tone medium-hard, shadow tone medium-hard, noise reduction low.

Also, it's interesting to see that viewing these at the various available enlargements in the DPR forum will make the canvas-like texture disappear sometimes. So you might have to work at it a little.

I'll be making a large print of the bigger image (you are only seeing a small crop of it) and I'm sure my co-worker will just love it, canvas or not, because most people simply don't worry about that stuff. Me, I like to nit-pick. It's part of the fun of owning this X10. By the way, I shot in available light at ISO1600 and compared to my other cameras the X10 did an excellent job as usual.

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