*Rant Warning* D4 video Naysayers- Age group

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Re: *Rant Warning* D4 video Naysayers- Age group

jenella wrote:

This is just sort of a rant so Don't beat me up

I have recently had a neck injury and just had an MRI and have not been able to do to much shooting until my results," hence the amount of time I have spent on this Dpreview. . Yes I have pre-ordered a D4 and like everyone else here , doing my homework. I am a photographer and not into video (yet).

I have been reading post after post about what I call "Video resistance" and how this is the reason you wont be purchasing a D4 . I call 2/3 total BS..its just too expensive for most.

I have noticed that there are a lot of older (mostly men) that are retired 65+ post on here about not wanting video (no offense to retired men and of course the measurebators that don't know how to "talk video" .They are discussing their dislike of the video emphasis too.

These groups seem to be the ones that are resisting and upset. The younger crowd (some not all) are not posting comments all day..they are out working and don't spend their lives on blogs. They are the ones who seem embracing the newer technology and possibilities. The problem is that majority of the younger ones cannot afford this camera and the older generation does not want the video.

I am 47 and probably and exception to my age group where i actually want to learn about the video side of this. Im excited about it! Do I make my money from video? NO, I make money from portraits, etc. I am not a full time photographer, I am a stay at home mom BUT I am NOT 'One of those photographers" I have been into slr photography since film days. I have heard the pros/friends 15 years ago SWEAR they would never go digital.

They are ALL digital now and quite successful. I do believe Video is also a big part of our future. We have become a visual and audio world,especially now that all the social networking has become so popular....Enter video.

taking what you wrote for what it is, you do know your on the cusp of the exact same generation your saying can't afford it or wont embrace video.Personally I would prefer a still camera as no matter how the cake is cut compromise's are made to reach said price point when both video and still are combined.

I'll still buy one after the first users give us results.

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