Pentax MILC, have you seen it?

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Re: Pentax MILC, EPIC FAIL !

AndyGM wrote:

While the idea of keeping the K Mount, and then making a bunch of new lenses that recess into the camera using the now vacant mirror box (so little of the lens is outside the camera, effectively every new lens become a 'pancake') seems quite neat,

Did you read that somewhere? I don't think they're doing that. Looks like they're taking out the mirror box.

I think if they're gonna make new, "special" K-mount lenses that recess into the vacant mirror box area and therefore DON'T fit into EXISTING K-mount cameras, they're gonna create a bunch of problems. This 40mm/f2.8 looks like it has a regular sized back end on it for K-mount.

Which is why I suggested the most sensible thing would have been to make a flat, NEX sized camera, with a fully functional K-mount adapter as a standard accessory, that way it has K-mount lens compatibility out of the box, yet can mount lenses with a short register distance...

jonny1976 wrote:

this pentax use small lenses, even smaller than micro third, and the best apse sensor. mount every pentax lens made without adapter, is not so bad apart the lack of vf

Lack of VF, SLOW focus, and the camera body still has all the bulk of the DSLR.

As somebody else said, the disadvantages of a DSLR body, and none of the advantages.

I'm sure somebody may want this the way it is, but why couldn't they have just given its own short register distance mounting system, as well as a K-mount adapter? Its like a no-brainer.

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