Who is the intended customer of the K-01

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Re: Sad reflection on Pentax forum users

It may be a practical problem for you, but is it, really, for the fashion/design crowd? If you're not in that field, how can you really comment?

Look, you don't hire a product "designer," known only to the fashion/design world, and paste his name at the top of the press release unless that it has some kind of meaning to certain people who you're marketing the camera to.

I, for one, had no idea.

The other point, and this I do know, is that hipsters and designers are not the same. designers are more serious about...design, whereas hipsters are more interested in their own image. So assuming that cool-looking (read:designs with mass appeal) designs appeal to the design crowd, is in itself a mistake.

Edit: one point I forgot to add is that there are certain ways of making products appeal to the masses, and one of which is going through filters of people who are deemed by the masses to be "cool." If Robert Calvin Klein is using a Pentax, how can that be bad. If anything, I see that as good.

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