Who is the intended customer of the K-01

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Re: Sad reflection on Pentax forum users

citrontokyo wrote:

Does using an EVF or an OVF or make you that much of a better person than someone who doesn't?

I think it's a practical problem. Do you think using a DSLR without a VF (of any type) is going to be

1: Fun
2: Awkward and compromised

My money is on number 2. This isn't a p&s it's a DSLR minus a VF. When I had a K-r yes I sometimes used live view..but I could use the VF too. With this you have "no choice"

That alone will seal it's fate it's simply not practical or logical for this type of camera to not have a viewfinder.

As for "looking cool" I don't think the product is in any way cool looking. And I think most users are more interested in the logical and practical side far more than they are in trying to be different.

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