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Re: To PanaNewbie re s100 settings...

Yeah, experimenting is always the best to see what looks good.. just hard to find the time with the little one, and going on the vacation (reason for buying the upgraded cam) in a few weeks, will try to play around with the S100 in the meantime.

But to me those shots you took were still pretty jaw-dropping from a p&s (i like the water by the boat the best I think), keep up the good work!

Marco Nero wrote:

PanaNewbie wrote:

Phenominal pictures Marco, I've kept this link bookmarked for when I get my S100 hoping I can take pics that look that good.

Would you recommend those settings for me with my new S100, or will it make skin tones look weird or cause artifacts/noise at higher iso's?

Hi PanaNewbie

I just noticed this thread had been ressurected by a reply today and was a little taken aback when I opened it to see these pictures again. They were punchier and more vibrant that I remembered. But the s100 seems a very capable camera with plenty of capability.

The s100 has a different sensor (CMOS) so you'll have to try to find the "sweet spot" in terms of settings and fin tuning all by yourself by experimenting a little but my guess is that your sharpness and saturation will probably need to be ratcheted up a notch to get a crisper image when using a CMOS chip - unless the s100 has a post-processing method that bumps up the images in-camera.

Can't hurt to experiment though. All the best.

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