Anyone planning on a NEX-7+24mm 1.8 vs. X100 comparison?

Started Feb 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
roweraay Senior Member • Posts: 2,102
Re: Anyone planning on a NEX-7+24mm 1.8 vs. X100 comparison?

I think it will finally come down to the 24MP vs lower pixel number and other things like having an AA filter vs not having it and so on.

The Zeiss T coating is is no slouch when it comes to lens coatings and the original versions of those pre-dates the days when Fujinon even existed ! Fujinon schooled themselves on Zeiss designs, probably, including the coatings.

zygh wrote:

Would make for an interesting review, 24Mp vs 12 Mp. My feeling is that Fujinon tramps the Zeiss for sharpness and micro-contrast.

Fact is, one can get a SH x100 for less than the price of the Zeiss. It only means one is stuck with the Fuji awkwardness, however that glass is what it's all about: Fuji does make great glass, their EBC technology for lens coating is nothing short of legendary.

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