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Re: f/1.8-2.6 lens

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The problem with the P300 was that it had small sensor

I don't own this camera (in fact, I own a Canon), but can you explain to me how the smaller sensor was a problem? In side-by-side comparisons I prefer the high-ISO photos from the P300 to those of the Canon S95 or S100.

Worse DR, and high iso for a small sensor.

Worse DR? Can you give me a side-by-side example? I don't care about charts.

Usually a smaller sensor have less good dynamic range compared when compared to a bigger.

And by "high ISO" I assume you mean "more noise at high ISO" which side-by-side comparisons debunk, in my opinion. As I said, from the samples I've seen, I prefer the P300's high-ISO output to the S100's high-ISO output. The S100 is cleaner at 100% but looks noticeably softer at normal viewing distances.

I was not impressed at all about the P300 and the noise reduction during the time when it was reviewed. I have not viewed the Canon S100 full size samples since these became available here at Dpreview but yes these may certainly be slightly soft. Dpreview had to try three or five copies of the S100 and I don't quite remember if them finally got one which were good or just used what they had got.

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