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Re: Storage solution using PDA

mjoshi wrote:

I recently bought Toshiba e740 PDA. It can take CF and SD media
formats. I've Sony DSC F717 which takes 128 MB MS format. Is there
a way to use my PDA with 1 GB CF to store images directly from MS
without transfering it to computer. My PDA is having USB port for
keyboard, mouse / printer connection.

Yes, you can do that......though it might be a little laborious.

The above adapter will allow you to read your MS card from the e740's CF slot. You can then copy the pics to an SD card in the other slot. If you had a big enough SD card (or several smaller ones), you could stop there.

But since you already have a 1GB CF card, you can remove the MS> CF adapter, slide in the CF card, then copy (or move) the pics from the SD to the CF. Depending on how much room you have on the SD, it can wind up being a lot of shuffling of cards & adapters.

Like I said, not the easiest solution, but doable. I used a SmartMedia> CF adapter to do the same thing while on vacay back in Sept.

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