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mjoshi wrote:

Hi All,

I recently bought Toshiba e740 PDA. It can take CF and SD media
formats. I've Sony DSC F717 which takes 128 MB MS format. Is there
a way to use my PDA with 1 GB CF to store images directly from MS
without transfering it to computer. My PDA is having USB port for
keyboard, mouse / printer connection.

Your best solution is to find a Memory Stick to SD media adapter and then use a program like pixer from to copy your images.
I did a quick search with google for such an adapter and did not find any.

Other options include getting a large SD card and use the Memory Stick to CF adapter to copy your images from the CF slot to the SD slot again with the pixfer program or similar. The largest SD card that I quickly looked for was 256 Megs (sandisk).

If your PDA has a PCMCIA expansion slot add-on accessory, then you can get the memory stick to PCMCIA adapter and use that in combination with your CF card and a transfer program such as pixfer.

Of course, you could ditch your Sony camera and find one that takes SD media and then you would not require any adapters. Just Kidding


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